Thursday, February 25, 2016

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #75

Russian aistrikes in support of YPG. 

YPG Kurds are indicating they will abide by the truce.

The rebels are still downplaying the possibility the ceasefire will work; however, they are supportive of a two week truce.

Assad on the one hand stated he had reassured the Russians he would uphold the truce.  Then turned around and stated at least one town would be excluded.  The rebels are stating if Daraya is excluded from the truce, there is no ceasefire.  The Syrian government has said Nusra is shelling Damascus from there with mortars.

The Russians are expressing concern about the US stating there needs to be a 'Plan B' if the ceasefire fails.  Russia has stated there will be no Plan B.

The Russians are shifting their forces East, supposedly to help Assad fight IS/Daesh.

At the same time, they are heavily pounding Latakia province in hopes of helping Assad retake the entire province before the truce starts on the 26th.

Likewise, Syrian rebel forces are moving on Raqqa, the IS/Daesh capital, in a race with the Assadite army.

The Russians are also claiming the US has provided Javelin antitank missiles to the Syrian Kurds.

Turkey has made it plain if they are threatened or attacked they will not honor the ceasefire.

IS/Daesh apparently uses civilian components in its bombs.

The UN is going to be announcing another round of peace talks for Syria.

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