Thursday, February 18, 2016

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #72

Russia has stated the success of the ceasefire is entirely up to the US to make happen.  heh.  Classic Russian Move.  The Russians and Americans will meet next week for peace talks for Syria.  In a weird twist, the Russians are warning Assad not to flout the ceasefire.  Uh, Russia, you are, too.  Russia says it hopes to have a ceasefire agreement by friday (tomorrow).

The Russians have been confirmed as shadowing German Tornadoes on recon missions, but to date have been professional about it.

The US has formally asked Russia NOT to bomb its special forces in Syria.

Is Russian arming Hezbollah?

The Kurdish advance is causing problems between the US and Turkey.  For one, Turkey has made it plain they have NO intention of stopping the artillery bombardment of the Kurds.  The Russians blast the Turks for the strikes on the Kurds.

Merkel repeated her calls for a no-fly zone in Syria.  It's more complicated than I think she realizes.  Who could force the Russians to stop without starting a war?

Have we witnessed a 'Munich Moment?'

Watch a Russian news crew's  drone film a GRAD rocket launcher help pound a Syrian town.

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