Friday, February 19, 2016

Stealth Saga #31


The KF-X project is having turbulence because of technology issues.


Russia is having problems exporting the PAK-FA due to the perception it is not really a 5th generation fighter.

Avenger UCAV:

India has expressed interest in acquiring the General Atomics Avenger.


BAe and Dassault are waiting on the Paris and London about the direction for the stealthy UCAV project.


 Here's some of the reasoning why the US Navy backed away from a stealthy aircraft for the tanker.

Sixth Generation Fighter:

Forbes discusses Northrop's 6th gen fighter but Boeing has started hinting at its own fighter concept.

Some are wondering what the 6th generation fighter will be.

The US Air Force is starting work on the electronic warfare equipment needed for the 6th generation fighter.

Long Range Strike Bomber:

Northrop has resumed work after the GAO denied Boeing's protest.  A bit more here.

It ought to be said the phrasing Boeing used in their initial response to the GAO protest denial was very, very similar to when they lost the contract and brought their protest.  I'd suspect that means there's a lawsuit coming.

The US Air Force has stated they will be releasing more details about the LRS-B in March.


F-22s did a show of force in South Korea as a reaction to North Korea's missile launch.  Here's a little more still.  And one last one.

Is this photo from a Chinese airfield real?  Its a model most likely, but...

In a first, two F-22 made an appearance at the Singapore airshow.  


The F-35 still has 400 flaws that need addressing.  Most are software.

Ten F-35B will be deployed to Japan by the end of the year.

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