Monday, February 29, 2016

Scuffle in the South China Sea #31: Who Lost the South China Sea?

A US admiral has stated China will be securing de facto control of the South China Sea.  It should be remembered, without a carrier battle group in the area, the Chinese will vastly outgun the US Navy based on surface ships and antiship missiles.

This map (and associated post) gives you an idea of how the Chinese actions have given them the ability to fight and control the South China Sea.

However, the US would ignore any Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) China declares in the South China Sea.

Here's a profiling of the US Navy's sail-bys and what they are not.

The US is calling on Chinese President Xi to extend his promise not to militarize the Spratley Islands to the entire South China Sea.

China is criticizing the Philippines over siding with the US over the South China Sea.

The Philippines is calling on China to respect the outcome of the international arbitration over the South China Sea.

Singapore is pushing a code of conduct in the South China Sea.

Vietnam is building up its military in no small part because of the confrontations in the South China Sea.

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