Monday, July 14, 2008

Auroraceratops pic

What all did they use other than the skull for the description of the species? ie how complete was the skeleton? I prefer the later ceratopsians, but this one has a special place because it almost shares a name with my daughter, Avrora.

Another ceratopsian question, is Monoclonius a valid genus anymore? wikipedia still lsits it is why...

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Zach said...

From what I've dug up, the animal is known from a nearly-complete skull and mandible. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find or read the paper myself. Looks like it has a big nose and many rugosities around the jugal and back of the lower jaw.

And Monoclonius is still recognized by some authors but is generally considered a "teenage" ceratopsian of uncertain affinities. It may be that all centrosaurines went through a "Monoclonius" stage, and grew their specifies-specific characters only after hitting sexual maturity.