Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Looking for a Paper

I came across this when cruising for synapsid info:

“The existence of mammary ridges on the embryo concording with ancient synapsids suggests that those ancient animals also had nutrient-supplying ridges on their bodies for which there is no paleontological evidence. On the human embryo, the mammary ridges gradually coalesce and finally resolve into discrete nipples on day 58. This event concords almost exactly with the lowermost Triassic, where the fossils of Cynognathus are found. Discrete mammary glands and a fused secondary palate in the embryo coincide with a fused secondary palate in the fossil record.” (Swan, Lawrence W. 1990. The Concordance of Ontogeny with Phylogeny. Bioscience 40: 380)

So, would anyone happen to have a copy of said ancient paper?


Anonymous said...

I do now! what's your mailing address? mine is firstname dot lastname at gmail et cetera.


Anonymous said...

I don't suppose you still have this/would be willing to share?

Will Baird said...

sure. what's your email?