Monday, July 07, 2008

This Past Weekend

We had a very busy weekend and from here on out I am going to be going nuts with being overloaded. I'll get stuff up here though, so no worries.

This weekend we kicked it off with Avrora and Lyuda going to WallE. This was Avrora's second time seeing it. She loved it so much when she and I went last weekend that she wanted to see it again, but with Mommy this time. I am disappointed that Lyuda didn't like it that much, but I (and Avrora) thought it was brilliant. I have to wonder if WallE will fly as well in Russia et al as it is here though based on the comments my wife has made.

On the 4th, the family went to watch the Berkeley fireworks...only to have Berkeley delay it just long enough for the fog and low clouds to roll in to completely obscure the higher bursts. IDK why San Francisco even bothers because 90% of the time their display gets fogged out too such that you get some colored clouds rather than fireworks bursts.

On Saturday, we went to my uncle's again. He quite the accomplished chef and we had Indian food this time. It was great to get caught up again and they showered Avrora, unexpectedly, with gifts. Bob and Lynne are great people. Bruce and his kids are always fun. I've not been a family person, as in participated in extended family things, for a long, long time and with the last year and change things have been rather different for me.

On Sunday, Lyuda had her birthday. She passed her big 3-0. We went to the Cliff House Restaurant. The food was pretty good and the check was not nearly as steep as we expected. We also had an ice cream cake and I played a prank on Lyuda by putting in the relighting candles. There were so many and they burned SO fast that it was nuts. We almost thought it'd start a fire in our place.

That leaves out the LLC/GLXP stuff, Lyuda's class work, and other stuff, but it touches on a lot. It was a pretty good weekend.


Anonymous said...

What an attractive family.

Will Baird said...

Thank you. Those are my uncles. My niece and nephew are to the side and my aunt is next to my wife and daughter.