Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Introducing the Cabages

Another Los Alamosian comes out of the woodwork and says, "hi." So I felt obliged to add his most recent attempt at a blog to the roll. Tom, aka Cabage, used to live down the street from me in Los Alamos. His family kept me - mostly - sane during a very trying time (my folks divorce). His mother became my 'second mom.' I tried to stop by their home when I was last in Los Alamos and found they'd sold it none too long prior and moved on. Turned out the family that had moved in was the one hat built the home I grew up in, but anyways...

Go take a look and help him along. His blog is a whole two posts long (slacker), but with care and feeding and lotsa abuse I am sure he'll come along. He's a Sacremental, ahem Sacrementoan, t'boot, iirc.

Y'know, Greg & Allen, you two could, well, start blogs of your own too.

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Tom said...

Thanks for the kindly remarks, even if you had to use the "C" word. By the way, what's the best email address for you these days? (Side note, I do prefer against public links to family info, though I simultaneously try to avoid a need for passwords, so that people I give the link to can get in easily. Though I suppose you gave it an obscure link name that might make tracking things harder. How do you avoid the paranoia, by the way?)