Monday, January 28, 2008

A Light in the Dark: Introducing the Coherent Lighthouse

I am adding Scott E's Coherent Lighthouse to the paleo section of my blogroll. I rather like the artwork and the commentary he has up. I recommend a stop there for a general perusal. Tis good stuff in there!

BTW, what is it with Alaskans and paleo stuff anyway? Can't go outside for too many days out of the year or sumtin? ;)


Zach said...

And our dig season lasts two weeks. Three if we're lucky. :-)

Dicing with Dragons said...

"Dig"? When do we dig?

Oh, you mean the foam. We spent months on digging out the foam!

(Sorry. In-joke. Ask Zach all about that one.)

But yeah. We don't get out much. There's moose in our front years and they charge us (a toll) whenever we cross their territory (which is, essentially, everywhere they've ever pooped).

Thank-you for your comments about the site. Eventually I hope to even get fully moved-in sometime soon...

Dicing with Dragons said...

Yards, not years.

(Wow. How late is it right now?)

Will Baird said...

You're welcome.

Well, in Southern New Mexico it was Oryx that was the problem, not moose. Frickin introduced Oryx would attack cars. NM brought them in during the late 1960s to promote big game hunting. Around 200 of them, iirc. Then by 2000 there was something on the order of 7k of the buggers running around.

Mountain lions couldn't even take them down...maybe when...if?...the Lobo gets reintroduced then we will have a chance to see if some native predator can take them down at all.

Dicing with Dragons said...

Nuisance they may be, I nonetheless note they're highly attractive animals (much more so than moose, which are, well, brown).

(Actually, I'm fairly convinced that should I ever tackle a hadrosaur herd, the Oryx might make a fine coloration model.)