Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Two More Down

This is a post of delight and dismay.

First off, John Edwards has officially bowed out of the race for President. This is to my great dismay. Of the three standing Democrats, I actually liked him the best. Lyuda did too for that matter. The sad part is that I had just convinced a friend that could vote in the Democratic primary here in Cali to do so. Yesterday.

Secondly, about Guiliani, all I can say is pwnd! WOOOOOOOOO! He creeped me out a bit. Not sure why, but he did. Rumor is that he will drop out today. Why in the world he ran his campaign that way, I cannot understand. I see the "logical" of skipping the unimportant objectives in terms of delegates, but dear lord, what was he thinking in the day and age of constant news streaming?! Geez. T3h 3v1L understood this better than Guiliani did.

I'll be waiting to see what the polls are like here in Cali.

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