Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Please, Someone Get Industrial Strength Cleaners!

He called for increasing the use of "renewable power and emissions-free nuclear power," while calling for investments in advanced battery technology and renewable fuels for cars and trucks in the future.

"Let us create a new international clean technology fund, which will help developing nations like India and China make greater use of clean energy sources," said the president.

"And let us complete an international agreement that has the potential to slow, stop, and eventually reverse the growth of greenhouse gases," Bush said.

"This agreement will be effective only if it includes commitments by every major economy and gives none a free ride," he added.

I agree with Shrubbish on something! QUICK! HOSE ME DOWN! I FEEL DIRTY!

(actually, I agree with him more than that, but he's a toad and an idiot that is going to go down as a really, really bad president in the history books).

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